Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Clients find that working with Megan J. Rease is much simpler, easier, and less expensive than hiring an in-house person to handle your bookkeeping and accounting.

How It Works

The process is extremely streamlined and straightforward:

1. You send us your source documents:

• Fax them to a toll-free number.
• Scan them and email them to our secure email address.
• Send them via mail.
• Pick-up Delivery Services can be arranged
• Accurate Accounting & Tax Services reviews these documents and processes them.

2. We update your books:

• We use popular accounting software such as QuickBooks®, Quicken® & Peachtree®.
• Accurate Accounting & Tax Services does all work according to your specifications.

3. We give you the updated books:

• Your files get put on a disc and you will either receive the disc via delivery or mail.
• You can either have your records returned in a QuickBooks format to download the transfer or you can choose to have your records in an MS Excel or Word format if you do not have the proper software.
• Your files and reports can also be emailed to you for a faster response in addition to your files disc.

4. We provide your monthly financial statements.

• At month's end, we provide you with complete financials so you know where your business stands!


Megan J Reese, MSA, EA
Phone: 775-348-1617